New academic announcements from Sunday 4 July

Dear readers, this week on our blog you can find information, among others, about the following new publications:

Paweł Popieliński (2021) Mniejszość niemiecka w III Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (1989-2019) w procesie integracji ze społeczeństwem większościowym that analyses the experiences of the German minority in Poland since 1989.

Aleksandra Grzymała-Kazłowska (2020) Rethinking settlement and integration: Migrants’ anchoring in an age of insecurity proposes the integrative and transdisciplinary concept of anchoring, linking the notions of identity, adaptation and settling while overcoming the limitations of the established concepts and underlining migrants’ efforts at recovering their feelings of security and stability.

Samuel Foster (2021), Yugoslavia in the British Imagination. Peace, War and Peasants before Tito (Bloomsbury Academic) examines the evolution of the popular image of the Balkan peasantry in the British imagination from that of foreign ‘Other’ to historical victim.

Ann Runfors (2021) Navigating the Radar: Descendants of Polish Migrants and Racialized Social Landscapes in Sweden looks at the descendants of white migrants in Sweden and their experiences of racialization.

Izabella Main, Elżbieta M. Goździak, Leszek Nowak (2021) From Going Abroad to Settling Down… While Remaining Mobile? Polish Women in Norway Narrate Their Migration Experiences analyses mobility of Polish women living transnational lives between Poland and Norway.

Also you can read about the following academic opportunities:

III Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Studies Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, in March 25-27, 2022. Deadline: 15 December, 2021.

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