Making Ukraine. Book Lauch. TODAY

You are cordially invited to join Olena Palko (Birkbeck) and Constantin Ardeleanu (University of Galati) for the launch of Making Ukraine: Negotiating, Contesting, and Drawing the Borders in the Twentieth Century (MQUP, 2022), along with Ulrich Schmid, author of the foreword. The book launch is hosted by the New Europe College (Bucharest) and is co-organizedContinue reading “Making Ukraine. Book Lauch. TODAY”

18 May: Discover Ukraine

Our virtual series “Discover Ukraine: history, culture, and its people” will continue on 18 May with a lecture “From Grain of Wheat to Gas Pipeline. Ukraine’s Economy from the 18th to the 21st century” by Dr Boris Belge, University of Basel. Registration link Ukraine has an immense wealth of raw materials and fertile soils.Continue reading “18 May: Discover Ukraine”

Discover Ukraine: Video Recording

We are happy to share a link to the video recording of the lecture ‘The ABC of Ukrainian literature: Resilience, Diversity, Tradition‘ by Dr Bohdan Tokarsky (University of Potsdam) Between 17th century futurism and avant-garde Baroque, subversive anti-imperial poetry and pioneering feminist modernism, multilingual writing and poetics of dissent and solidarity, Ukrainian literature comprise centuriesContinue reading “Discover Ukraine: Video Recording”

Episode 20. David Smith: the Baltic States’ Minorities between History and Politics

In this episode, Professor David Smith at the University of Glasgow discusses the minority aspect in the history and politics of the Baltic States. David suggests that the ‘commonality of fate’, rather than ethnic and demographic character, has made this region seem so culturally uniform in the popular imagination. Nowhere does this seem more apparentContinue reading “Episode 20. David Smith: the Baltic States’ Minorities between History and Politics”