Discover Ukraine: Video Recording

We are happy to share a link to the video recording of the lecture ‘The ABC of Ukrainian literature: Resilience, Diversity, Tradition‘ by Dr Bohdan Tokarsky (University of Potsdam)

Between 17th century futurism and avant-garde Baroque, subversive anti-imperial poetry and pioneering feminist modernism, multilingual writing and poetics of dissent and solidarity, Ukrainian literature comprise centuries of immensely rich cultural heritage. This lecture will explore this heritage by looking at tradition and innovation, identity and diversity, as well as the relationship between culture and politics, reflecting both on the origins of Ukrainian literature and on its meaning today.

Published by sgmhbasees

The BASEES Study Group for Minority History (SGMH) is a forum devoted to the study of minority groups in the national and regional histories of Central, Eastern and Southeastern European from the Napoleonic Wars to the contemporary past.

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