New academic announcements from Sunday 9 May

Dear readers, this week on our blog you can find information, among others, about the following new publications:

Deportacje Górnoślązaków do ZSRS w 1945 roku. Teka edukacyjna offers documents and materials on the deportations of Upper Silesians to the Soviet Union in 1945.

James Bjork (2020) Flexible Fatherlands: “Patriotism” among Polish-speaking German Citizens during World War I examines the experiences of Polish-speaking subjects of the German Empire during World War I.

Jim Bjork (2020) From Empires to Nation-State: Remaking the Roman Catholic Church in an Independent Poland that looks at the process of the creation of a ‘Polish’ Roman Catholic church after 1918

red. Adam Dziurok, Piotr Madajczyk i Sebastian Rosenbaum (2016). Władze komunistyczne wobec ludności niemieckiej w Polsce w latach 1945–1989 dealing with the history of the German minority in the post-war Poland.

Also you can read about the following academic opportunities:

CFP: “Nationalism from Below: Popular Responses to Nation-Building Projects in Bessarabia, Transnistria, Moldova”Date of the event: 1-2 October 2021. Deadline: 1 July

CFP:  GDR Today VI conference: Minority Experiences of the GDR. Location/Date: online in September 2021. Deadline: 28 May 2021.

Call for Papers – Online Conference ‘Space and Memory in Holocaust Representation’ Institute of Humanities, University of Northumbria, UK; 19-21 November 2021 (deadline 31st May 2021)

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The BASEES Study Group for Minority History (SGMH) is a forum devoted to the study of minority groups in the national and regional histories of Central, Eastern and Southeastern European from the Napoleonic Wars to the contemporary past.

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