New academic announcements from Sunday 7 February

Dear readers, this week on our blog you can find information, among others, about the following new publications:

M. Dworczyk, R. Kuśnierz (2020). The Holodomor. Poland. Polish Victims 1932-1933 discusses the Polish angle of the famine in Ukraine.

Oksana Kis (2021). Survival as Victory. Ukrainian Women in the Gulag offers the first anthropological study of daily life in the Soviet forced labor camps as experienced by Ukrainian women prisoners in the GULAG.  

Kathryn Ciancia (2020) On Civilization’s Edge. A Polish Borderland in the Interwar World offers a highly intimate story of nation-building in interwar Volhynia, an eastern borderland province that was home to Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews.

Published by sgmhbasees

The BASEES Study Group for Minority History (SGMH) is a forum devoted to the study of minority groups in the national and regional histories of Central, Eastern and Southeastern European from the Napoleonic Wars to the contemporary past.

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